October 18 – 24


October 18 (Monday)

10h – 20h00 – Airport transfers / Participants welcoming

14h00 – 20h00  Accreditation opening and welcome drink (Clube Naval Seixal)

21h00  Socialization of participants at Clube Naval do Seixal

October 19 (Tuesday)

8h00 – 9h00  Accreditation Clube Naval Seixal (Clube Naval Seixal)

10h30 – 17h30  Mountain Bike activity (North side of the Island)
Tour and visit to natural swimming pools at Porto Moniz / Aquarium

18h00 – 19h00  Tour and visit to “Chão da Ribeira”

00h00  Closing

October 20 (Wednesday)

10h00 – 15h00  Mountain Bike activity (South part of the Island)

15h30 – 18h30  Guided tour and visit to fishing and fruit market, old town, bike tour on the city of Funchal.

19h30 – 22h30 Dinner at the Old Town of Funchal.

00h00  Closing

October 21 (Thursday)

10H00 às 17H30 – Mountain Bike Activity (West Zone).
Sea tours, Canoeing and SUP, at Seixal’s pier.
Tour to “Achadas da Cruz”.

00H00 – Encerramento.

October 22 (Friday)

10h00 – 17h30  Mountain Bike activity (North side of the Island)

18H00 às 20H30 – Clube Naval do Seixal: Mountain Bike Workshop
Sea tours at Seixal harbour, canoeing, SUP.

20H30 – SUNSET PARTY /MBMM21 Dinner

00h00  Closing

October 23 (Saturday)

09H00 – 14H00 Accreditation for the Race

10h00 – 17h00  Free practice at Cyclin’ Portugal Center in Porto Moniz
Sea experiences at Seixal harbour, namely boat tour, canoeing, SUP.

18h00  Welcome Drink – Clube Naval do Seixal

00H00 Closing

October 24 (Sunday)

8h30 – 18h00  4# Official Madeira Enduro Mountain Bike race

09h00 Departures from Seixal’s Harbour

10h30 Departure of the 1st participant

18h30 Awards Ceremony at Clube Naval do Seixal.

19h00  Typical Dinner and participants gathering

00h00 Closing of the Meeting