Clube Naval do Seixal

Clube Naval do Seixal is a non-profitable organization established in 1991 and located on the North Side of Madeira who plays an important role on the development, formation and training of various nautical activities such as cruise regattas, dinghy regattas, canoeing, SURF, Paddle Surf as well as activities related to the mountain namely canyoning and Mountain Bike.

With a long and historic CV on the organization of sporting events it has become a worldwide reference on the practice of various modalities namely but not limited to the Canyoning and to the Mountain Bike.

Apart from the sporting activities itself, Clube Naval do Seixal also plays an important role in what concerns environmental issues and nature conservation, integrating the local community on all aspects related of the organization of the events and specially on the benefits of a well-preserved nature, our most precious asset.

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