welcome to paradise

mountain bike madeira meeting

Welcome to the paradise of MTB and the 10th edition of the Mountain Bike Madeira Enduro Meeting.


Located on the north coast of Madeira Island, the municipality of Porto Moniz will be the starting point for the most varied experiences we have to offer, from culture, heritage, typical gastronomy, natural and challenging trails. It will be six days to explore the best trails of the island of Madeira.


The Madeira Mountain Bike Enduro Meeting 2024 is an opportunity to know the whole island by bike. Every day you will feel in a different place, the geological characteristics of the island make this place unique and special, providing a wide variety of panoramic tracks, with views of to cut their breath, to trails in dense and luxuriant forests between mountain and the sea.


During the tours you will have transportation for the longer connections between the trails, so that you can enjoy at take the maximum fun of the trails.

The main goal from the last editions was the construction of the 1st MTB Center of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, build in the most protected area of the island of Madeira classified with the Unesco World Heritage Award in 1995 and the partnership with Commençal Bikes. A dream came true.


The Fanal is an idyllic spot with a unique forest. This MTB center consists of six courses, a cross country / trail course with about nine kilometers ideal for a family outing to walk through the fanal plateau with different panoramas and natural beauty and with an enduro circuit with five distinct paths in the heart of the Laurissilva forest.


The paths are all signposted for you to enjoy to the fullest and with various points of interest, namely real paths, the specific flora and fauna of the Laurissilva Forest, which complements this unique experience.